Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ryders@50kmph Grand Tour to Moreh via Nagaland & Manipur

Ryders@50kmph at NRL Petrol Pump

Hornbill Gate, Nagaland

Ryders at Bokajan

Hotel Ashana, Imphal

Mao Gate


On the way to Moreh

                                                                 On The Way Back to Imphal

                                                                  On the Way Back to Imphal

Kohima, On the Way back to Kaziranga

Arriving at Imphal

On The Way Back to Kaziranga, Imphal-Kohima Road

Hotel Orchid, Kohima

Indo Myanmar Friendship Gate, Moreh

Kohima War Cemetry

Kohima War Cemetry
                                                                 Hotel Orchid, Kohima

On the way back to Kaziranga, Imphal-Kohima Road

A view from my Hotel Room in Kohima

Near Mao Gate Kohima

Khuzama View Point, Kohima

Ryders@50kmph on the way back to Assam

Ryders@50kmph at Namdahg Resort, Kaziranga

Ryders Enjoying Vijaya Dashami at Nagaland

Kauzama View Point, Kohima

Ryders@50kmph at Imphal



Monday, December 17, 2012

Living My Dreams

Living My Dreams

Some extract of my Personal Diary about my Grand Matorcycle Tour to Myanmar via Nagaland & Manipur from Assam of India with motorcycle club Ryders@50kmph

by Madhurjya Protim Rajkonwar

Duliajan-Digboi Road
It was August when I was planning to buy a small hatchback car to beat the monsoon rain. I came across some pages in facebook which were motorcyclers group.

As a biker I always had a dream to go on long tour on a motorcycle but unfortunately everyone says " Kaam nai Petrol'or iman dam, train'ot ja".

One of such group was fortunately from Assam. Moreover one of my school junior Abhinash was a member. The group name was "Ryders@50kmph" They have a moto "Re-Explore Northeast India". The good things was they say " Motorcycles are not important but the man riding the motorcycle "

It gave air to the hidden fire inside me for a long tour of 7-8 days in some unknown hill station. When they updated their status of Seven Sisters Grand Tour of 15 days touching all states capitals of Northeast India. I became sad because I wont get such a long leave.

One fine day they updated their status again that they are going on the trip during puja holidays as it is suitable for most of the riders who are students, service & businessman. The status made me dial three numbers one to the banker, Tata Salesman & Maruti Salesman respectively saying "Atia moi gari nolou Bike he lom pasot lole phone korim apunak"

Now the next thing was to apply for the leave. I have 3days leave & need 2 more days. Jayanta'da my office senior, friend & philosopher said "Tumi jua, sinta nokoriba leave pai jaba. Moi sir'ok convince korim"
Finally I contacted Anjuman a rider of "ryders@50kmph" he said there are no formalities to join the group. To be a member we have to just be a part of the organised trip. Any bike above 150cc in good condition will do. He said even if I couldnot complete the whole trip I can go upto Kohima & ride back with a someone. I thought "something is better than nothing".
Choosing my ride:

I had a old 100cc Yamaha & its impossible to ride continuously 400km everyday. Moreover It cant maintain high speed of 80-100 KMPH with my co-riders. Even I couldnt take my cousins Karizma or my best buddys Avenger as it was Puja. So the big question is what will be my ride. Should I choose a Pulsar or a Karizma or a Apache. It was impossible to get a Royal Enfield bike in a short time. It has long waiting period.

I started searching the bike websites, fb pages, consulted with friends. My Mom asked to buy the costliest bike I like which I can afford while saving some money for the trip. Firstly I choosed a Yamaha SZR coz I am a big fan of reliability of Yamaha bikes. Most of my friends who are girls & sisters said "Pulsar, Pulsar, Pulsar". They turned my mind to the Fastest Indian Pulsar220.

Then in next few days everyday my mind changes. Sometimes I say Yamaha, sometimes Karizma or sometimes Pulsar. I use to post random status update in facebook asking about bikes. First my friends replied later some of them stopped replying. I could not sleep, read whole night about bikes, stopped shaving my beard, totally I was in a confused state of mind. Even Tripti bideo my office senior said "ei bar suwali karone nohoi bike'or karone Madhurjya roop bidhosto hoi goise...."

to be continued ..:)

Living my dreams.

Its not a good idea to take a full fearing bike to a hill area so finally I decided to buy a Pulsar180 for its unmatched combination of Power & mileage. My mom asked me to buy the bike after Viswakarma Puja so I decided to buy on the next day after the puja. So when I went to the dealer, it was closed as he was out of station. I called him & he said he can deliver in the evening 4PM. After 4PM i called him every 30mins & asked him "dada kot paise hi". He answered first few times later he switched off the mobile phone.
The next day also the dealer was closed because of Bharat Bandh. I called the dealer and said

me: muk ajiei bike lage.
Dealer owner said : its impossible khulile mur dukar vangi dibo"
Finally I convinced him to get delivery from the godown itself. I will get the bike delivery of the closed dealers backside godown.

Jayanta'da & our emergency car pilot accompanied me to the dealer.
Choosing the bike colour was really confusing. Mom said Plasma Blue, Sister said Black & I prefered Cocktail Red Wine. When I went to the dealer one red & two blue Pulsar180 was available there. Red had a scratch mark on the tank so I got my blue one.

So I had my ride & got my route so its time to book my trip. I got a status update form the clubs page to deposit initially Rs3000 for Tee Shirts, Stickers, Banners, Hotel Booking etc & some documents in a bank account. Depositing money in State Bank is always a tiring job so I called Anjuman he said I can deposit it to Kumar Purbi.

Kumar Purbi is the team leader of "ryders@50kmph". At first I was in a puzzle by the name Purbi, is Purbi a beautiful girl or a boy. When I saw his profile pix first I thought he is a south Indian boy who is working for Indian Oil Corporation. So I called him and informed that we can meet in next saturday at Digboi in his Cyber Cafe "Busybees".
After the conversation with him I thought "Horu porai Axomot ase dei, bhal Axomia koise"

to be continued.....

 Living my dreams

So it was saturday I called my best buddy Abhijit & informed I will reach Digboi at 1.30 PM after my office hours. He works for Oil India and have his quarter at Digboi.

When I reached Digboi Abhijit who was standing with my another buddy Rajib who is a newly appointed School master got his posting near Digboi. They said "Wah natun bike, party dibi boi". So we went to Sarmah Sweet for a small tea party & decided to go on a first ride on my bike with my buddies at Digboi Oil Field Jungle Road after meeting Purbi'da.
I called Purbi'da & he called me to his Cyber Cafe. So we went to the IOC market. We were waiting for Purbi'da as we dont know him. We looked every car & bike expecting Purbi'da. I remember one Indica Came Alloy Wheels, full of stickers about racing. I told my friends " Ei khonei hobo, tamam chalia gari loi ahise kintu ".

But it was not Purbi'da but a young kid. Purbi'da came on a Red Old CBZ with alloy wheels, offroad tyres & stopped before his Cyber Cafe. We clearly understood it was Captain. He called my name & invited my friends to his cafe.
He was fair & healthy. He look really handsome & I became confident he was not a south Indian. When we Introduced ourselves I came to know his name Chao Kumar Purbi Bialung Baruah.
OMG khati Ahom. I thought in my mind & smiled "moi ji bhabi asilu, hosa kotha koi dile birat mar dibo dei"

to be continued...


Living my dreams

Finally I deposited my initial amount to Purbi'da. He briefed about the tour &instructed to carry only the essential goods as there were no back up vehicle. I thought the journey will be adventurous. I thought "Man vs Wild enai saisu niki dorkar hole Jungleote thaki dim rati".

He told me to contact Anjuman & Abhinash. All the riders of upper Assam will ride together till Kaziranga.

Three days before the trip I got a call from Cinmoy. He is the ironbutt rider of ryders@50kmph. He was a school friend of my cousin. When I told my uncle that I am going on a tour with Cmoi my uncle told "He jabo, 500-800 km tar karone eku kothai nohoi. Tar bikot busor nisinakoi likhidibo paribi Guwahati to Magherita"

Cmoi told me good helmet, boots & riding gloves are compulsory. Full riding gears are prefered. I have boots & helmet but were to get riding gloves within two days. Sent some of my friends to search but everyone failed. I updated a status on facebook & Madhurjya Gogoi of "Dibrugarh Amateur Riders Union" suggested me to visit Freeborn Bikers Workshop, Dibrugarh. So I sent my bro next day he brought a VEGA Monster Helmet for himself & Knighthood Riding Gloves for me.
 The day before the tour as my bike completed 507 KM so I decided to do the first servicing. I went to the Bajaj Dealer told the mechanic about the tour. I told him to tune my bike to finest setting & I will give a good tip. He told me not to worry, he will deliver my bike in the evening, dropped me home & I took my old bike went to office.

As the bike was ready & my dreams started to turn to reality.

On 20-10-2012 morning I went to the office. Everyone in the office wished me "HAPPY JOURNEY" they handed over a First Aid Kit with a wish that the kit should never be required. Everyone comes home safely.

As the office ended I rushed back home. Packed my bag, had a bath, prayed to god & ate my lunch. I gave a hug to mom, said bye to sis & started my journey.
I picked Abhinash from his home, filled my petrol tank & continued my journey.

As we reached Naharkatia we got a phone call from Anjuman they reached Dibrugarh & will wait at Moran. I accelerated my bike. I could feel the power of the Dtsi engine & its fine tuning. I was riding at 80-105 kmph.

In between Pithaguti & Rajgarh we crossed some group of bikers. As we were fully geared they thought we are racers. They started racing with us. They were college kids without helmet. Sometimes they crossed us sometimes they followed. I thought "kiman dur jabi, ami tu Kaziranga loike jam".

To be continued.....
Living my dreams

The bikers followed us till Rajgarh Town & later we cant see them in our rear view mirror.
We reached Moran Anjuman & Utpal was standing there with his fully modified Pulsar220 for offroading. Anjuman is the best rider of ryders@50kmph. He can ride any bike with puncture tyre or problematic engine if wheels are moving. He is also a freelance writer for many magazine.
I thought Uptal would be a huge man coz when I saw his profile pix in facebook with a bullet moreover he is a contractor. But Utpal turned out to be a soft spoken boy very friendly.

We came to know Cmoi came from Guwahati & will wait at NRL Sivasagar.

When we reached Sivasagar Cmoi was not there. We called him after a few mins we could see Cmoi with his brand new red Honda CBR 250R. Fully geared Alpanstar Riding Jacket, Riding Gears, helmet, gloves boots etc. As if Formula-1 racer Valintino Rossi came out of the racing circuit.

We introduced ourselves & started our journey again. After riding few kms it became dark (not fully). I was leading, followed by Cmoi then Anjuman. They were following me coz I may be left behind if they go on their top speed.

The cars coming from opposite side were using high beam. So I asked them to lead. Later I slowed down to 40kmph thinking better late then never "accident hoi pori thokatkoi lahe lahe juai vhal, accident hole ghoror pora aru jibonot bike tour koribo permission nidibo"

to be contd....
Living my Dreams
 Part 6

After riding a few kms I could see Anjuman & Cmoi waiting at Hotel Neelkanth, Janji. We decided to eat & rest for a while untill it gets completly dark.
After eating & resting we started our journey again. I gave the keys to Abhinash coz he was siting for 200+km. We were leading followed by Anjuman & Cmoi.

Whenever we have to overtake a tanker, truck or long tailer Cmoi use to blow the horn "Pom, Pom, Pom" & Abhinash use to overtake. I really dont know it give moral boost to Abhinash or what but every time Cmoi blows the horn 3 times Abhinash overtakes.

Abhinash was my school junior. He is a freelance Photographer & a sound engineer of Rock Band " Shades of Retribution ". As there will be no media this time he was our official photographer for the tour.

At 9 PM we reached Kaziranga. We were warmly welcomed by Pranjal'da. He is a bulleter of motorcycle club "Bulls of Assam". He is the manager of NEFDI Guwahati Branch. He was riding a Silver Thunderbird 350. He was upset with the group coz we had no backup. He accused us of being unorganised. He said "lets be organised from tomorrow". He said good night & went early to bed.

While we are in dining hall eating & chatting we could hear sound of bikes.
Oh god who could come this time it was Jaggu'da, Mausum & Manash. We were always suprised by their visit. Later Kunal & Purbi'da reached by bus.

We were all fully charged for the next day but " adhi raat ho gayi but party abhi baki hai"

to be continued.....

Living my dreams

We could see Jagannath'da, Manash & Mausum coming in with a traveller bag.
We asked: Manash aru Mausum'or bag kot.

Manash: Ahilu tu iyaloi. Viral Fever hoi asu but eta tribute ride diboloi Guwahati pora ahisu. Mausum'or aitar somohiya hokam, ghar'or pora strict warning. Sob kam eri ghoroloi ahi ja.

From the name everyone calling Jaggu'da. I clearly understood he was a senior. Later I came to know he works for Maruti at Bimal Auto, Guwahati. His Karizma R was well recognised from the Kibitoo Ride photos.
Manash sound quite clear & confident in his words. He tries to arrange sponsors for our rides. He said this time he rejected the sponsored coz they said your club might be amateur. Manash said to the sponsor " Sir without knowing about our club how can you call us amateur. We have done Three Grand Tours which was telecast in Leading News channels".

Mausum was listening silently to our conversation. I thought "Manash'or bhaiek hopai, bor thanda lora dei"

to be continued.....


Living my Dreams

Now its time to try our tee shirts. Cmoi brought the tee it was red incolour.

Everyone accused him: Ronga CBRkarone Ronga Tee Shirt Kinila.

Cmoi: Nohoi rei beleg colour tee Dona't aru Big Bazar'ot nai. High rate koise

We: Sticker kot aru logo tee shirt'ot kio print nai, like the Kibitoo

Cmoi: Durga Puja karone sob dukan vhir. Mur pendrive tinita computer'or pora uluai dise. Screen printing koribo 3 days lagibo koise. Edinot kuneu nidie. Jene tene flexot print korai stitch kori disu.

We: Bahana maribo nihikili

Everyone understood the situation but we kept teasing him.His face colour changed drastically.

Later at midnight Cmoi started to make the best bike line formation to make Purbi'da smile. He said to us "Bike eman dhunike line kori thom, captain ahi khush hoi jabo"

One time he will keep his CBR, Karizma R, Thunderbird at the front row at the next moment he takes our 3 Pulsars on the front row. At the end we kept all in a straight row.

At around 12.30 PM Purbi'da & Kunal reached Namdang House. Kunal look really huge. I thought he must be a business partner of Purbi'da.

At 1.30 PM we went to bed. My Pulsar & Cmoi CBR were only 2-3 weeks old. Cmoi told me "Bike burbahirote thakil nohoi, sariu fale Kaziranga jungle. Natun Pulsar besi chor hoi. Saba ako chor kori Bangladesh'ot nau bonabo goi, besi mileage pabo."

Mur tuponi uri gol.

To be continued...

Living my dreams
 It was around 4 AM. I woke up & peeped through the window. Cant see the bike clearly so I went outside & felt glad all bikes were there.
I brushed my teeth, had a bath & prayed to god in my heart for a safe journey. I went outside clicked some photograph of the bikes & posted it on facebook.
As everyone was sleeping I went to bed again. When I woke up I saw Abhinash working on the stickers. Anjuman clicked some photos & posted it in ryders@50kmph page.

Everyone got ready & it was decided that we will keep some bags on the resort & carry only the necessary luggage as there was no backup vehicle as the previous tours.

When we started to stick the stickers in our bikes we became angry again. The stickers were printed in black. As most of our bikes are black & mine blue in colour the stickers were useless for us.
Only Pranjal'da Silver Thunderbird & Cmoi's Red CBR looker good with the stickers. We dint say anything to him only we gave a angry look.

We started our engines. Purbi'da gave the instruction to follow him.
No Overspeeding
 Maintain the line & distance. I was told Kumal will be my pillion.
I told him: Apuni pisot solabo dei atia moi solau

Kunal: Muk apuni nokobo moi sobotkoi horu eiyat. Moi porhi he asu etia

We started the journey. All looked good in the red tees. We could easily recognise who are our riders in the road.

I thought " Ji holeu Cmoi Red tee ani val korile ".

After sometime we reached the nearest NRL Petrol Pump. We filled our tanks to full. We clicked some group photos. Manash & Mausum gave handshake to each ryders, said Happy Journey & rode back to Guwahati.

We continued our journey. We reached Bokakhat & had our breakfast in a small hotel. Puri sabji were served in banana leave. Had hot cups of tea with Pera that Manash & Mausum brought from Amoni, Naogaon.

Some tourist & locals when they saw us with Bikes, riding gears, travellers bag they started asking " Apunaluke kor pora ahise, kot jabo, ryders@50kmph kor club etc etc"

to be continued.....


Living my Dreams
 Part 10

After a conversation with tourist & the locals we continued our Journey to Kohima. I was riding bike No-3. As we crossed the Zig-Zag turns near Deopani Mandir. I stopped my bike to take out my sunglasses from the bag while other continued. When I put it on & started my bike again, I couldnt see anyone ahead. All were in such a speed that they disappeared.

I thought "ryders@50kmph naam change kori ryders@100kmph thobo lagibo atia ".
Then I started to accelerate my bike

1 gear- 30kmph
 2 gear- 45 kmph
 3 gear- 65 kmph
 4 gear- 80 kmph
 5 gear- 108 kmph

I overtook Anjuman, then Cmoi, then Pranjalda now I had to decide should I overtake Captain. My Pulsar was screaming at 7000 RPM " oh Yeah Ride me harder, ride Ride me faster. Oh yeah ".

I thought " I should not tame my beast, kiman top speed ase sau ". Finally I overtook the captain my speedometer clicked 117 Kmph.

After riding few kilometer Cmoi overtook me with his CBR 250R. He gave signal to slow down. He shouted " Speed komua, follow the captain, no overtaking "

Immediately I slowed down & continued to follow the captain.
When we reached Bokajan we stopped for a break. A local guy was waiting there to welcome us. He called us to a restaurant & ordered some Juice, ORS & Snacks. I heard Durga Puja Dhol beats & followed to the nearest mandap. Every year I go to our local puja mandap to pray to Goddess Durga but this time I missed it. So I offered a dakshina & prayed in that mandap for her blessing. When I returned to the restaurant everyone told "Puja kori ahila, kot kot ki ki bisari pua.

We took sips of mango shake, ORS & ate snacks. After that I went to nearest Aircel outlet to recharge my mobile as Nagaland & Manipur are other states & call tariff might change.
When I introduced with the local guy I came to know that he was Jaggu'da Cousin & everything we had in the restaurant was his treat. We clicked some photos uploaded in Facebook & our pages.
Kunal told me " Dada atia moi solau diok. So I hand over the keys to him. When I sat at the back seat with the traveller bag, I realised its not my bag Jaggu'da took my bag & hand over the heavy bag to me.
" Ke*a iman godhur bag di dile "
to be continued.....

Living my Dreams
 Part- 11

With a heavy bag on my back we continued our journey. We could visualise the change of faces. Yes its Nagaland the land of funky & stylish people. We crossed Dimapur & hill ride started.
We saw a huge Hornbill gate. We understood welcome to Nagaland. We clicked some photos & continued riding.
We were maintaining a safe speed. One side was the hill while other side was a river. The feeling was awesome. As I said "Living my Dreams". Sexy Curvey Road, High hills & a rocky river. Really a breath taking view.

After riding for an hour we could see Captain was stopped by a bulleter. He was riding a white Thunderbird 5 speed.
I thought " Oh god Guwahati'it police Pulsar'or ghure iyat Thunderbird loi ghure. Amar inner line permit nai ulua."

From the conversation I could know he was a Traveller/Musician from Guwahati & going for a show in Imphal. He asked to follow him to a view point where we could stop, relax & chat. So we followed him & reached a amazing view point made for the tourist by the side of the road.
After the relaxing for a while we started our ride again. Anjuman was the riding the last bike while my bike was ahead of him. After a few turns I could not hear the sound of his engine & he disappeared. I instructed Kunal to slow down. Finally we stopped. I gave horn signal to Pranjal'da who was riding ahead of me. He too stopped. Then my phone start ringing. I picked the call.
Me: Hello

Anjum: Mur Bike.... hol

Me: Ki

Anjum: Bike Puncture

to be continued .....

Living my dreams
 Part- 12

As Anjuman's Pulsar-220 got punctured I called Cmoi & informed about Anjum's status & called them back. It was fitted with Offroad tyre as the ring was little bend he fitted tube inside the tubeless tyre. We road back to him. I got off my bike & told Kunal to take Anjuman to nearest line hotel back. He will pick me up again after dropping Anjum to the hotel.

I sat at a milestone & started checking my facebook notification & replying the msg etc etc. After half an hour there was no sign of anyone.
"Ke#a kunu oha nai je, muk eri gol niki "

So I started walking enjoying the view of the hill area. I say many Bolero & Tata Sumo passing.
I thought in my mind "Axom'or kor pora sur kori ani gari bur Nagaland'ot solaise sage kobo nuari"

Suddenly I could see Abhinash coming in Jaggu'da Karizma R.
I said : Mur bike kot

Abhinash: Hotel'ot ase. Tate bhat kham ami. Sunday Nagaland bandh. Tyre khuli upward Kohima or downward Dimapur jabo lagibo. Anjuman tyre khuli ase.

To be continued.....

Living my dreams
 Part- 12

As Anjuman's Pulsar-220 got punctured I called Cmoi & informed about Anjum's status & called them back. It was fitted with Offroad tyre as the ring was little bend he fitted tube inside the tubeless tyre. We road back to him. I got off my bike & told Kunal to take Anjuman to nearest line hotel back. He will pick me up again after dropping Anjum to the hotel.

I sat at a milestone & started checking my facebook notification & replying the msg etc etc. After half an hour there was no sign of anyone.
"Ke#a kunu oha nai je, muk eri gol niki "

So I started walking enjoying the view of the hill area. I say many Bolero & Tata Sumo passing.
I thought in my mind "Axom'or kor pora sur kori ani gari bur Nagaland'ot solaise sage kobo nuari"

Suddenly I could see Abhinash coming in Jaggu'da Karizma R.
I said : Mur bike kot

Abhinash: Hotel'ot ase. Tate bhat kham ami. Sunday Nagaland bandh. Tyre khuli upward Kohima or downward Dimapur jabo lagibo. Anjuman tyre khuli ase.

To be continued.....

Living my Dreams
 Part- 13

Now we have to decide. To ride upward to Kohima or downwardsto Dimapur 35km both ways.

It was decided that Anjuman & Pranjal'da will ride back to Dimapur in his Thunderbird. Purbi'da, Cmoi, Jaggu'da & Abhinash will go ahead to Kohimato book the Hotel Rooms. I, Utpal& Kunal will wait in the hotel till Anjuman & Pranjal'da comes back.

We ate lunch in the hotel we wereserved some Rice, dal, meat & boiled Lai haak. In every hotel of Nagaland boiled Lai haak is served. Naga chille was also served. Anjuman ate a big piece ofNaga Chilly & left eating saying " Iman jolah, aru okol ek gorah khali mori jaam etia"

All left & we waited. We started to enjoy the time by chatting with each other. Clicked some photos &it was getting dark.
No news of Pranjal'da & Anjuman. I had a creepy feeling. All the bad things about Nagaland is coming in my mind. As told by Kalyan Bora & Rose Aso Nagaland is not safe at night.

Kalyan Bora & Rose Aso are my net friend.
 Kalyan is a musician from Guwahati. Rose is a famous Actress & model of Nagaland.

Only one thought came in my mind "Ki hobo re Rati hoise eku khobor khati nai, mur etia okol Thunderbird'or maat hunibo mongoise"

 to be continued.....


It was getting darker minute by minute. The foul smell of the nearest pig farm was making me mad. Utpal was busy chatting with the tourist who were coming out of the line hotel.

I noticed he was speaking Nagamese

Local Tourist: Apunaloge kor dige ahise

Utpal: Ami to Assam dige ahise, Kohima Jabo.

As I said " Now I want only to hear the sound of Thunderbird engine". Such a sound started coming from downhill. It was Pranjalda. A smile came in my face.
 I came to know Anjuman didnot carry the tools required to fix the tyre he was using mine. When I asked him, he replied with a smile "Janu nohoi natun Pulsar 180 tour'ot ahibo mur kihor chinta.

Now the problem is fitting the tyre coz we dont know to fit rear disc brakes bike tyre. The only person who knows to fit was Jaggu'da, he already left to Kohima.
Everybody tried to fix it but every idea failed.
Anjuman said "Rear brake nohuakoi solai dim. Front disc brake ase nohoi, tyre tu logai dia"
but Utpal was not going to leave it.
He said " Kotari ekhon ann, torch tu mari dia moi logai dim"

Utpal was now trying to fix it with a sharp Knife. I was afraid he might cut his hand. I know first aid kit was in my bag.
Finally Utpal fixed it. Washed his hands & now we realise its already night. Utpal's & Kunal Jacket went in the bag which Jaggu'da took with him. Now they are shivering in cold.
Anjuman came with a idea to beat the cold. He said "Rum'or peg eta eta mari lou, thanda polai jabo"

Now I thought " Ke*a maal saal khai, ei kitai bike paharor tololoi pelai nidilei hol"

to be continued.....

Living my Dreams
Part- 16

Finally we reached Kohima. It was around 8PM & the whole town was closed. As we went ahead we got a tinali one way goes to the bus stand (market area ) while other leads to Imphal.

We called Cmoi & asked about the hotel. He told to come to Hotel Orchid in Imphal road. I noticed there was no one on the street except four boys. Each had different hair style. One with short hair another with a ponytail. One with long curly hair while other spikey. I said in my mind " Welcome to Kohima City".
The Hotel was a Star Hotel. We could realise how luxarious it was. We parked our bikes inside the hotels parking area. We went to our room. Everyone was inside their blanket watching "Rowdy Rathore" in the cable tv.
I noticed the water heater, milk packet, tea bags & fine sugar packet. I poured some water & switched on the heater.
After cleaning myself & changing my dressed. Had tea, called mom, checked facebook notification.

Its time for dinner. We ordered Rice, Dal & Pork with bamboo shoot. The meal was yummy with sticky ride & delicious pork. Some riders took dal soup & ate with praising it.
I thought " ki bey ,dail khai nai pua ni agote "
to be continued.....

Living my Dreams
 Part- 17

It was22-Oct-2012. Day 3 ( officially day-2)

Kohima to Imphal

It was 4.30 AM, I got up. No one was awake. It was still dark. I thought there are Nine riders in a single room. So i decided to bath & get ready.
I pulled out my mobile from charging point & put someones mobile for charging. Checked facebook notification & replied the msg. My inbox was full with request to post more & more photos as possible.

I went to the window to click a photo of city view. My mouth left wide open. The view was f*#king awesome. I opened the window & a refreshing cold breeze of air entered the room such as someone opened the door of a fridge.
I clicked a photo & uploaded. One by one the ryders woke up.
Some said " Khiriki khon khula thakil niki "
 Pranjal'da " moi tu logai disilu rati " .

One by one they started taking bath. I was bored & lying in bed.
Kunal: Mur ATM jabo asile

Abhinash: Ase tu usorote, ami kali sob explore korilu.

Cmoi: Bike ekhon loi jua olop dur ase. Kunuba jabo ase jodi

I had enough money but i wanted to explore the city. I thought " Sobei kali ahi town sai lole, moi thaki golu".
I shouted in excitement " Moi jau Kunal bola"
After riding two kilometer found the ATM near the bus stand as instructed. After withdrawing the money.
Kunal: apunar uluabo nai

me: hoi jabo ase, pisot lagile agot uluam

Kunal: Rajnigandha loi jabo koisile.

I thought "Aru eta bahana palu ghuri furibo, atia 5.30 AM town kot khulibo. Pura chakkar marim town'or"

The shops were nearly all closed. Whenever we ask in any shop the reply was negative but I was happy.
I saw good location & the request to post photo in facebook came to my mind. I told Kunal to click a photo of me with my bike. I said " Muk ekhon photo lage to post with a Nagaland Hills"

He clicked the photo & we also got the Rajnigandha packet nearby. So we returned back on our way. While returning we saw all cars & bike going in our opposite direction. We realised something is wrong.

Me: Abey eitu oneway niki

Kunal: Hoi niki sob eifale hei goise. Hunisu Nagaland Police birat strict in Traffic Rules. Nodhorile hoi

to be continued.....


Living my dreams
 Part- 18

As it was early morning police dint catch us. We reached our hotel. Hotel room was very expensive. Our room was of Rs 14,000 including all taxes. Gladly Cmoi told about our Bike Tour to the Hotel manager. The manager was impressed that we are trying to promote tourism & gave us 70% discount in room rent. Moreover they will try to give complementary breakfast.

The hotel staff were mostly girls. They wore Shirt & Jeans with high heels.
We went towards the restaurant of the hotel. They served us aloo parathas, puri sabji, omlet & tea. We were all charged up.
We got ready with our bikes. We clicked some photograph. I saw Kunal clicked some photograph with hotel staff girls. I thought " eku chance nere dei ei "
We started our bikes & went to Kohima war cemetry. We saw that the graves were mostly of young boys 18-24 years. The ended their life fighting bravely for his country. Salute man

I tried to clicked as much photos as possible within that 5-10 mins. I would ask anyone "photo ekhon mari dia na"

We clicked some group photos & suddenly Purbi'da shouted " Lets go ryders. Jaldi ulabo lage deri hole Kohima-Imphal road traffic jam hoi"

As we reached the Kohima-Imphal road it was jam. We moved our bikes inch by inch. We saw the crowd was cheering us by weaving hands & giving thumbs up.
As we crossed the Jam . We got the zig-zag hill road. As i am not used to hill road in high speed but I tried to maintain the speed of 60kmph.
Suddenly Pranjalda stopped he said " mur rear break loga nai "

to be continued....


Living my dreams

Pranjal'da Thunderbird had rear drum brakes & can be fixed. I gave my tools to fix it. Suddenly Purbi'da called me " Madhurjya soluat problem hoise ni

Me: nai hua, kio hudhile

Purbi'da: nai hunisu tumi pahar'ot bor wrong side'ot solaisa. Nijor side'ot solaba, garibur khub speed'ot ahe. Rokhabo nuari khundiye dibo

me: ok
Now i only look at the road & tried to ride on left side as much as possible. I cant enjoy the view only tried to improve my riding skills.
We reached Mao Gate it was Nagaland-Manipur border last check gate. The Nagaland police stopped us & said "Bike ka documents leke sahab ke pass jayeai"

My bike registration was done 9 days before the trip. I dont have a Registration Card.
To be continued.....

Living my dreams

I had only a receipt of tax paid from DTO office. I showed it to them. We didnt have any innerline permit to show. So we bribed them with Rs 500 for 5 bikes. I clicked some photos & hand over the bike keys to Kunal. I wanted to enjoy the view.
While riding ahead we noticed a animal coming from opposite ride. It look like a Yak but it was a Mithun. Seeing our red tees, it started coming towards us. Purbi'da Karizma & Pranjal'da Thunderbird bikes crossed. Cmoi CBR was at no 3 the animal started following it. My Pulsar180 was at no 4 & Anjuman Pulsar220 at no 5. A photos I saw in facebook came to my mind written " Sexy Beast Even Animal cant Resist".
We all went ahead & reached a forest check gate. As it was around 12.30 PM it was time for lunch. We saw a hotel & stopped.

Pranjal'da asked the hotel owner " Pork milega kya "

Hotel owner : Kya

Pranjal'da: Do you have pork
Pranjal'da wants only to eat Pork at any cost. Suddenly Abhinash noticed the signboard written 786

Pranjal'da was asking pork in a Muslim Hotel
to be continued.....

Living my Dreams
 Part: 21

Before anything gets wrong Cmoi& Abhinash shouted to Pranjal'da who was asking for Pork unknowingly that it was a muslim hotel.

"Pranjal'da agote pai jam bolok deri hoise"

Jaggu'da came to me & asked me for the bike keys said "Moi solau dia Purbi'da solaboei dia nai aji.

After half an hour we reached a small town. We decided to have our lunch in a small rice hotel.
The waitress were all girls.
We asked: kya meat milta hai.
They told " SAB MEAT MILTA HAI".

Cmoi: Ki meat khaba kua

all Ryders: Ami tu pork kham

I thought in my mind " mutton kole ki meat khuai thikana nai, beleg kiba khale ghor'or pora uluai dibo"

to be continued....

Living my Dreams

After the lunch was over Avinash handed over few Rs 500 notes to the waitress & told keep the change. The waitress was in a shock. I think they never got tips before.

Anjuman & I become busy checking our facebook notification & replying our msg.
Purbi'da came to us and said " Facebook mania kita, bol bol deri hoise. Kom se kom tour ahute facebook baad de. Trip ahute heikhon prithibi pora erithoi ahibi"

Anjuman: Ek minute bas photo ekhon post kori lau page'ot. Sobeiphoto dibo koise jiman paru

So this time I was riding & Jaggu'da as pillion. I was bike no-3, ryding@70kmph approx. After riding few kilometres we saw a High school/ College.

Seeing our ryders bike line formation coming towards them some really hot girls started cheering us by waving their hands & screaming. I become so charged up that my speedometer clicked 100kmph. If it was a race I would have surely win.

Jaggu'da said " Madhurjya lahe lahe".

After riding few more kilometres. Suddenly all bikes stopped.

Anjuman said " Petrol pump kiman agot ase janu. Mur petrol bohut kom ase "

to be continued.....

Living my Dreams

Few km away we got the fuel station. Anjuman stopped to refuel & we kept moving. Purbi'da Karizma & Pranjal'da Thunderbird were at high speed followed by my Pulsar180. We cant see Cmoi's CBR 250R & Anjuman Pulsar220 behind who stopped in the fuel station. But as the captain was leading, I followed him.
Suddenly we were stopped in an check gate. The police spoke something but we didnt understand.
We said: English or Hindi.
Policeman: Manipuri nahi jante ho.
They did our body checking & said " Licence aur Bike ka kagaz leke sahab ke pass jao"

We went to their officer
Officer: Kaha se ayae ho, kaha jaoge

Captain: Guwahati, Assam se ayae ho aur Moreh jayenge

officer: Kya kaam hain

Captain: Kuch nahi Tourist hain ghumne aye hain

Officer: Assam se bike pe Moreh ghumne ayae ho.

Captain: Ha sir humlog ka club "ryders@50kmph" pura Northeast ghumte hai

officer: bada aatchi baat hain

suddenly Cmoi & Anjuman reached the check gate.
Officer: Yei log bhi aapke saath hain.

Captain: haan 9 log 5 bikes.

Officer: Thik hain raat ko jaada maat ghumna

So we went ahead & reached Imphal. We stopped at a sugarcane stall. All started praising about Imphal that is a very planned city but I was sad coz it was not a hilly area as I expected.
Some drank sugarcane juice when I asked the stall boy said " ek minute sahab, nikalna parega".
Other shouted: Bola deri hoise

I told: Tumaluk goi thaka ami goi asu
 Others left the stall, started their bikes & started moving. Utpal was with me, he said "Deri hole herai jaam"

I thought " Herai gole aru vhal, I like to get lost in a city. It gives more chance to explore the city"

To be continued.....

Living my Dreams

Everyone left & waited for the juice glass to be prepared. I realised that the sugarcane size of Manipur is much thicker than our that of Assam.

After drinking the refreshing sugarcane juice. I started exploring the city in search of our other ryders. I roamed here & there but there is no sign of anyone neither we could see the bikes parked anywhere.

Utpal: Koisilu nohoi tahoti gusi gole bisari nepam.

Me: Dhur town'ote he asu. Phone korim kun khon hotel'ot ase hudhi loi ulai jam tat

Utpal: tetia hole ki sai asa. Phone kora ako

Me: Roba korim, sua sun iyat okol scooty solai sobei. Besi vag HondaActiva & Dio

Utpal: Oh re deka lora, bura, sualiye sob scooty solai

Me: Kohima't kintu besi vag Yamaha R15 V2. Tar lora suali sob chalia aru chalia bike he kinibo. Kiba Tokyo thoka jen lage

Utpal: Hmmm, oi phone kora

So I called Abhinash who came to Imphal many time before for his Rock shows

me: Abhinash kot asa
 Abhi: Hotel lua nai kintu Sanghal Bazar'ot asu near SBI ATM ahi jua. Tumi kot asa

me: nejanu kot asu but Sangal bazar goi pai jam.

So I asked some people on the way & reached the Hotel but we were asked to send our bags to the hotel room through our pillon ryders. We are going to visit Loktak Lake accompanied by the hotel manager.

The hotel manager sat in Pranjal'da Thunderbird, followed by Purbi'da Karizma R,
 As usual My Pulsar180 is no 3 followed by Cmoi's CBR 250R followed by Anjumans Pulsar220.

We have to ride in high speed to reach Loktak Lake 30-40 KM away from Imphal we have only 30-40 mins time before sunset.

Utpal asked for my bike keys he said "moi solau aji solua'ei hua nai". We were riding in high speed all bikes more than 100kmph.

Utpal was overtaking the traffic (auto, car, bikes, trucks etc) at any cost mostly he crossed in wrong side according to my view.
I was just sitting, enjoying the view opening my hands wide opening my hands screaming "manipur welcome the ryders".

The roads were really good as we crossed Moirang District we saw ahole in the road. Utpal skillfully crossed it without dropping the wheel but Cmoi could not see it & dropped his front wheel & shouted "YOOOOOOOH"

After riding few more KM we realised Cmoi was not coming behind us. I told Utpal to stop.

Utpal: Ki hol oha nai je etau.

Me: Gatot pori CBR'or fiber parts fati gol hopai. 100kmph uporot speed asil nohoi.

Utpal: Anjum'u tar logot roi dile hopai

to be continued.....
Living my Dreams
 Part- 25

To check what happen to the other riders we decided to return back instead of going ahead. We found out they were stopped by some policemen for checking. Even they started questioning the same question that we were asked while entering Imphal city. We were late, sun was going down & it started getting darker.
We started riding and after few mins we stopped when we saw a signboard "NHPC, Loktak Project"

We asked where is Loktak Lake the locals showed us a path. When we went forward we saw a big lake. It was not what we were expecting or saw in photos. Some guys standing there told us it was a part of Loktak Lake & the nine circle view can be seen from top of the hill.
As it was getting dark we were sad to know even we ride to the top of the hill we will not get the view. We missed it.
The only thing that made me happy was a comment made by a CRPF Jawan " Aap log Assam se bike leke Moreh tak jaayenge, aap logo ka himmat ko main salute karta hu"

to be continued.....


Living my Dreams
Part -26

We were all sad coz we missed the Loktak Lake View. Purbi'da called us who was few KM ahead towards Loktak Lake View Point Hill. He wanted to reach the spot at any cost.
Then we started discussing among us that whether we should go ahead to meet Purbi'da, Jaggu'da, Pranjal'da & the hotel manager or we should move back.
Anjuman: Ei bey Manipur ahisilu Loktak Lake sam buli dekha'ei nohol ako ahibo lagibo

Abhinash: Moi dubar Manipur ahi Loktak Lake sabo nepalu

Cmoi: Atia goi ki labh bohut dur ase eku dekha ei napalu.

Utpal, Kunal & I stood silently.
Then we all agreed to obey the captains order & started riding again. We meet the captain with other riders & followed them.

As we moved forward the manager made us stop every 5-10 minutes and started asking the way to the locals.

After few stops I became little angry "Abey ei amak Loktak Lake dekhabo ahise ne nijei amar logot sabo ahise. Ei eku dal nejane, ahi ei pua nai sage"
The road towards the hill was really bad, full of sharp stones. Utpal was riding very fast.
We reached a spot from were we could see the nine circles but as it was dark we could see only three nearby.
I said "ei tuei Loktak Lake Jar biswakh hua nai nami goi circle kita count kori sai aah".
To be continued.....
Living my Dreams
 Part- 27

We were all sad as we missed the Loktak Lake View. We started our return ride to Imphal.
Utpal continued his rash riding like as at is a race. Even Anjuman noticed it.

Anjuman: Utpal tumi race korisa niki ami race nokoru nohoi tumi agot jua moi roi disu

Utpal: Onn race korisu bola Rs100 - Rs100 bazi.

This sentence turned my sadness into ultimate anger. Few Km ahead all stopped to buy some Pork coz the hotel dont serve pork but agreed to cook for us.
As soon as the our bike stopped I pulled out the keys of my bike & kept it in my pocket. I took out a cigaratte & smoked few puff threw it away.
As soon as two bike started moving swiftly, I started my bike & shouted "Kunuba jai jodi aha nohole moi jau". Seeing no one coming towards me, I accelerated my bike & flew in a good pickup.
I heard Utpal shouting " Arey rua ako, eri kio goisa" so I stopped my bike few metres away. Utpal sat on my bike within few minutes I overtook the other two bikes.
Utpal: Arey baki bur pass pori gol olop slow solua

I just accelerated my bike more.

Utpal: Arey opposite side'or pora gari vur speed'ot ahise, tumi wrong side iman speed'ot kio goisa

I just pulled the light to High beem & went to extreme wrong side in full throttle.
Utpal: Agot Police Cheek ase, speed kom kora

I just took my bike over 115kmph & never spoke a word.

There was only one thing in my mind. " Iman kosto kori bike kinisu, tuk kio koribo dim. Accident hole mur hatote houk, aji morile mori jau"

To be continued.....
Living my Dreams

I kept riding scarly very fast. Even Utpal realised that talking to me is just waste of breath.
After riding 10-15 minutes we saw some crowd praying in Manipuri Temples. As it was Durga Puja so i thought it might be Durga Puja celebration but the goddess idol was different. People were burning crackers it was a festive mood.

The humming sound of the prayer cooled down my anger & also my bike speed came down. We reached Hotel without speaking a word.

We went to our Hotel room. The hotel was more like a Rangeela bar. I shared the room with Anjuman & Kunal.

Anjuman asked me: Ki hol Madhurjya ki hoisil rastat, khong uthil niki

Me: Oo rey Utpal bohut rash riding kore tak kunubai overtake korile tar itjatot lagi jai, race kore aru wrong side jai

Anjuman: Hei karone tak jani buji agot jabo disu, ami race nokoru buli koi. Tumi bike nijei solaba

Me: Kailoi pora moi solam aru Kunal mur pilion thakile hi solale solabo.

So we went for lunch and found out the food was very less in respect to number of riders. Even the pork we had bought was half stolen & not been served to us.

We decided to complain to hotel manager. He told us that the pork was already eaten by their hotel staff and begged apology. We all came to our rooms & slept after eating the little food with a promise to wake up early morning.

To be continued.....
Living my Dreams
 Part- 29

Imphal to Moreh

The day has finally arrived. We are riding to Myanmar. As usual I woke up early took bath & waited so that all ryder to get ready.
We ate our breakfast in a small Madrasi food stall near our Hotel. They served delicious Sooji Halwa & Puri Sabji. The Sabji is more like a Green pea soup" Green Matar". I told " Okol mator bakoli deta hain je, Olop Olop mator bhi do"

Our riders were hungry like demons & were eating like "Sau saal ka vhuka". Even the hotel manager left his counter & started cooking more Puri.

With heavy stomach we started our bikes & went outside the parking area. We started clicking some photos. On the road Purbi'da met a old friend who now stays at Imphal. Later we came to know he was also going to Moreh that day in his personal car.

We started our journey. When we saw a petrol pump we fill our fuel tank. I was riding & Kunal was my pilion. The roads were plain at first. I started asking Kunal " Rasta sob plain niki, hills ketiaba pam" as if Kunal was a local & regularly come to Moreh. He only said "Hills buli hunisilu, agot pam sage"

After riding 30-40km I noticed Cmoi's CBR was neither ahead nor behind us but other bikes are in a line formation.
I asked Kunal : Cmoi kot, nai dekha je

Kunal: Nejanu agot gol sage

After riding few more km all stopped & asked each other where is Cmoi but no one knew. We have not seen Cmoi since we left from the petrol station. He might have gone in wrong direction. CMOI IS LOST

to be continued......
Living my Dreams

Its already 9.30 AM we have to ride around 100km of unknown Hilly Road to reach Moreh and there was no news of Cmoi. Moreover the border gates are closed sharp at 2 PM.

We called Cmoi the phone kept ringing but no answer. We were tensed what happened then we called Abhinash he replied the call "Ami goi asu CBR khon wash korai lolu".
Then we realised Cmoi already filled his tank yesterday in a NRL petrol pump coz he only fills petrol from NRL station & the time we were refueling he went for a bike wash center.

After a few mins Cmoi joined us & we started riding again.
We have to enter our names & bike number in every Manipur Police & Assam Rifles check gate that we cross in every 10-15 mins.

We have to answer same question & body checking everytime. Manipur border area are always like war like condition. The police is very strict & so are the Army. I noticed that the Daily markets are vigilanced by sniffer dogs & bomb detector machine anytime.
As we started riding the hills in every turn we used to blow horn & everytime we blow horn some armsmen stops us.

We dont know that they were Army men or Militant Group who stops us. They use to question us the same things & sometimes asks for money.

I noticed that even they use to have modern arms like AK47 in everyones hand but they also keep a sword/knife along with them.

To be continued.....
Living my Dreams

We started riding the hills & everytime we blow horn armsmen appear. Sometimes we have to bribe them Rs500 to go ahead. Therefore the captain said "No horns" coz there is less traffic in that route. Horns only attract the armsmen.
After riding few more kilometres we could not see ahead. Drastically the weather changed & we cannot see ahead. The sun disappeared & we were trapped in fog. Its seems it may rain anytime. I told Kunal " abey boroxun dibo niki, botor change hoi gol. Boroxun dile raincoat ona nai"

After riding few more minutes the weather changed again as if it never changed. We realised we were riding in the cloud. It was a awesome feeling.

After riding for an hour it was about 10.30AM we reached a check gate. It was not a ordinary check gate . The Indian Army (Assam Rifles) seriously check each & everything.

There was a market area built up to sell goods to the tourist who stops for check. From local food, cold drinks, hand made utensils of wood, forest products etc were available. Our riders favourate fermented/dried bamboo shoots were available. The bamboo shoot smell made me remember my fav restaurant "Singpo Villa, Margherita".

I tasted some local fruits & pickles unfortunately I could not read their name coz it was written in Burmese. I also ate some local peanuts but it was different very hard than Indian. Most of the shopkeeper understand hindi/english but cant speak it. They only tell the price.

When our turned came we showed our documents & they completed our body checking. The armyman who checked me signed in my hand & told my pilion to cross the check gate.
I thought why the armyman signed in my hand. I never asked him his autograph. I thought " Sala nijoke ki Jab Tak hai Jaan'or Shah Ruk Khan buli bhabile niki, autograph dile je"

to be continued.....
Living my Dreams

When I was wandering why did the armyman signed my hand. He instructed my pilion to walk across the check gate and told me to go to the registration cabin.
When I reached the cabin the army officer registered my name, bike number & pilion name. He looked into the sign in my hand then I realised the sign is an approval that we were checked & everything is ok.

After the registration we crossed the check gate & found my pilion Kunal with other co-ryders waiting in a beautiful spot.
It was an army protected area. We were enjoying the beauty of nature & enjoying the "Red Bull" drink that Abhinash found in a stall.
Looking to the fast changing cloud & mountain range I wanted to click some photos but Photography was Prohibited by the army in the Area.
I was bit upset as photography was not allowed. I told " Photograph tulibo ki masti jega kintu photo tulibo nideye, Bhal jega bur dokhol kori loi Army bure aru baki jungle bur sob ekei dekhe photo marile"

to be continued.....

Living my Dreams

When I was wandering why did the armyman signed my hand. He instructed my pilion to walk across the check gate and told me to go to the registration cabin.
When I reached the cabin the army officer registered my name, bike number & pilion name. He looked into the sign in my hand then I realised the sign is an approval that we were checked & everything is ok.

After the registration we crossed the check gate & found my pilion Kunal with other co-ryders waiting in a beautiful spot.
It was an army protected area. We were enjoying the beauty of nature & enjoying the "Red Bull" drink that Abhinash found in a stall.
Looking to the fast changing cloud & mountain range I wanted to click some photos but Photography was Prohibited by the army in the Area.
I was bit upset as photography was not allowed. I told " Photograph tulibo ki masti jega kintu photo tulibo nideye, Bhal jega bur dokhol kori loi Army bure aru baki jungle bur sob ekei dekhe photo marile"

to be continued.....
Living my Dreams

We were sitting in a army watch house & we could feel how our Army fights bravely behind some metal sheets when a assassin attacks our lands.
It was already 11 AM so we started riding again after the small break. The roads are nearly good except some few places. Sometimes we have to ride steep slopes & sometimes we could ride 5-6 km with engine ignitation off. We crossed a bridge where it was allowed to cross only between 6AM to 4PM. The traffic on the road were very less.
 We meet only some pickup trucks carrying goods.

The view was awesome everytime & after riding to top of highest hill some of my co-riders felt some discomfort with their ears. May be due to the height. I couldnot understand how they were feeling as I had no such problem.

We kept riding & finally we reached a gate written "WELCOME TO MOREH". The security personal in the gate warmly welcomed us & told that the border Indo-Myanmar Friendship Market is 10KM ahead. They reminded us to come back before 2 PM if we want to return on the same day itself.

We started riding towards the Border Market in an excitement.
Moreh Town was a small business town like Tinsukia & its main attraction is the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Market. The shopkeeper are both from Myanmar & Indian. The Indian were mainly Manipuri, Naga, Nepali & Muslims may be Bangladeshi also.
When we reached the Border gate & parked our bikes we realised that most of the local bikes of Moreh were not Indian moreover they have no number plates. They were Mopeds/Scooty that we see typically in Thailand Travel Shows.
But one bike really attracted our riders was a dirt bike & we could not recognise the company. It was awesome, everyone said " Ki Chal bey "
to be continued.....
Living my Dreams Part-34

Moreh Town was a small business town like Tinsukia & its main attraction is the Indo-Myanmar Friendship Market. The shopkeeper are both from Myanmar & Indian. The Indian were mainly Manipuri, Naga, Nepali & Muslims may be Bangladeshi also.
We parked our bikes and entered the Indo-
 Myanmar friendship gate. The security personals ( Indian Army & Myanmar Army) were suprised to see bikers from Assam have visited Moreh as travellers. Mostly the people who go to Moreh were for some business purpose or shopping.
The security personal told that we cant take the camera inside towards Myanmar Market coz photography is not allowed there and if we dont want to go for inside Myanmar then we dont need a international pass.

On our request they provided a place to keep our cameras, helmets, riding gears, bags & Jackets.
As we entered Myanmar we could feel we are in a foreign land. The faces, the language & the environment was totally different. We could see some men dressed like monks speaking something we dont understand but it seems they were chanting some Burmese mantras.

We observed that the shopkeepers were mainly Burmese girls. They were really beautiful & they apply visibly lots of sandalwood paste in their face making various design.

to be continued.....
Living my Dreams

We entered the Indo-Myanmar friendship market. It was already noon & we were really hungry. We started to search for a restaurant & found some food joint near the Myanmar side parking area.

We went inside the food joint and asked for food the waitress stared at us, spoke something in Burmese and ran outside the shop. After a while she came with her friends & whenever we something to them, they use to laugh at us.
We understood " EI KIJONIYE EKU BUJI PUA NAI" they dont understand our language neither Hindi nor English.
We entered many restaurant and we face the same situation everywhere. Some of the waitress/chef use to call us to their kitchen and shows what they are cooking but we didnt understood what they were cooking and what are the ingredients (meat, fish, vegetables etc). Every dish looks like a unknown Chinese/Japanese food that I saw in Travel Shows.

We dont know their language & they dont understands ours. I remembered some words of an Army officer whom we meet at a check gate
Army officer: Moreh ja rehe ho, waha ki language ahi hai

Abhinash: Nahi

Army officer: To ja ke kya fayda, waha sirf Barmese chalti hai. Hindi English kisi ko samaj nahi ayegi

Abhinash: Kam chala lenge sign language use karke.

We tried to use sign language and asked for food but everything in vain. No one understood we could only laugh at each others.

to be continued.....

Living my Dreams

We were pretty helpless as we dont know Burmese language. Our every word makes them blast into laughter. A huge crowd gathered around us & watched us as if we were aliens.

Gladly a young kid came to us and said "Khana khana hai, aao". We understood he knows little Hindi & English.

He lead us to a bar cum restaurant. It looked like a small roadside Dhaba. They use to serve fast food, wine and snacks. The manager was a lady who understands Hindi & English.

Some of our Ryders ordered for Beer and Meat. They served Chicken & Mithoon with beer.

As I dont drink & ride so I asked for a burger but the boy dint understood and brought some bread.
I said: Hukan bread kenekoi kham. Jaggu'da ki kai ase ?

Jaggu'da: Chicken soup buli dise khai asu. Ki dise nejanu aru

I asked to take away the bread. Ate a piece of chicken with soup. I saw Purbi'da eating Chowmin with chopstick. So I took a pair of Chopstick and tried to eat in the Chinese/Japanese style.

After the light food we started exploring the Indo-Myanmar friendship market, Moreh. We realised the electronics goods and woolen items were really cheap compared to Indian market specially with Guwahati/Tinsukia market.

The best quality products like scaff were Rs50, blanket Rs150-200, Sweaters Rs 200-350, Jackets Rs 500-750.

I bargained a pure leather jacket in Rs800 & when i asked Anjuman to recheck the quality. He said first wear and try it out. When I tried its bit short for me.
Anjuman said: This jacket is for Burmese not for petua Assamese.
We wanted to buy lots of stuff for our friends & family but as we were on bikes with traveller bag almost full with our cloths so we could buy only small things.
We told each other "Moreh iman hostat bostu pai buli kaku nokobi atiaei goi, sobey beya pabo eku nanili buli. Kenekoi niu bike'ot"

to be continued...


Living my Dreams

Some of our riders bought some warm cloths/sunglasses for family, friends or girlfriend etc

Anjuman bought a head torch light, some Burmese Cigaratte while I bought a bandanna (kerchief) with a bikers design as a memory of our grand tour.
We came out of the Indo-Myanmar friendship market and waited for the other ryders.
We found Purbi'da & Cmoi were missing. So we sent Abinash and Utpal in search of them. After sometime Purbi'da & Cmoi came to us they were busy in shopping and now Abhinash and Utpal is lost again.
It was nearly 1.35 PM & the border gate of Moreh 10KM away towards India would close at 2.00 PM. If its closed we have to stay at Moreh town for the night as the gate will open at 6.00 AM next day.

We have already booked our hotel at Imphal and kept our luggage (cloths, etc) at Imphal so we have to return till Moreh Gate by 2.00PM.

Its already getting late to start our return journey or we have to stay back at Moreh town.

To be continued...
Living my Dreams

At 1.35PM we were all ready to return back and decided to click some group photos but sadly the Army didnt allow to photography inside Indo-Myanmar Friendship market.
They didnt allow Camera inside the market but gladly we clicked some group photos in the restaurant by our cellphone hiding from the armys eyes .

I desperately wanted some photos as memories of the trip therefore I asked Abhinash to take some photograph of myself with the Myanmar bikes in the parking area during the during shopping time.
I thought "Sala iman dur ahisu photo nomora k kot jam. Pahar jungle'ot photo maribo hole Digboi oil field golu hoi, Myanmar kio ahisu aru ki proof thakibo ahisu buli"
to be continued...

Living My Dreams
 Part- 39

At around 1.40 PM we started our return journey to Imphal. We crossed Moreh Gate at 2.00 PM and reached have to cross a Bridge 45 KM ahead by 4.00 PM as it will be closed and open at 6.30 AM next day.
The return journey was very pleasent Utpal was my pilion holding a bag that Cmoi had shopped in Moreh.
The Army/Armsmen had not stopped us anywhere. They only showed ok signal by weaving their hand and asked to keep riding. Once or twice they stopped us and asked
Army Officer: Kesa laga Moreh, kya kya kherida ??

We: Mast jagah hai. Jada time nahi mila sirf garam kapre etc liya

Army Officer: Ek raat rukne chayeh tha Moreh main. Myanmar ka andar bike le jane ka kam raha
We: Itna pata nahi tha Hotel hai ki nahi, next time rukenge

Army officer: Assam main situation Kesa hain avi.

We: Sab thik hain abhi. Jesa iyha hain waisa hi.

We were enjoying the ride and we just crossed the spot where we stopped for photoshoot while going to Moreh.

While going to Moreh we were in a hurry. I wanted a single photo with my bike and took it to extreme edge of the hill. It was filled with high grass. Suddenly Anjuman & Cmoi hold my bike " Iman kinarorloi niniba, bike tolot poribogoi ".
I was about to drop my bike from highest hill while going to Moreh.
To be continued...

Living my Dreams

It was around 3PM we were on our way back to Imphal from Moreh. We stopped for a pee break in a view point while others Ryders kept moving.
It was a mindblowing spot for photography. My intension was not for pee break but photography break. I told Utpal.

Me: Iman dhunia location photo olop mari lou no

Utpal: Deri nohobo janu

Me: Agot Army Check gate ase tahotok rokhaboye. Atia nemarile chance nepaba.
Utpal: sob ekeloge marim ako

Me: Kuneu photo marat interest nai kobo " Photograph is not important experience lua ". Experience'or ki ghanta koriba. Photo tulile he ghar'ot dekhabo pariba

Utpal: Hmmm kintu jaldi jaldi

We spent nearly 10-15 mins there and started riding again. As expected the other ryders crossed the check gate and waiting for us.

I slowed my bike near the army personal but no one stopped us. I thought it was a all clear signal and they are saying to go ahead.
With a high acceleration I crossed the check gate. The Army personals wistelled and more than a dozen Army men started running after my bike at gunpoint as if we are terrorist like Paresh Baruah trying to cross the border.
To be continued...

Living my Dreams

As the Army men started running after me whiteling taking me at gunpoint. The other ryders shouted & signaled me to stop.
The Armymen were very angry and asked me to return back.
Armyman: Kaha se Ayae ho, kaha jaoge ?

Me: Moreh Se lautae he abhi Imphal jayange

Armyman: Moreh kab gaye the

Me: Aaj jake laut ayae hain

Armyman: Jane ke time check hua tha

Me: ha

Armyman: Return time main Check hota hai ki nahi

Me: Muje kya pata, main roj thori ata hu. Mere dost agae hai mai vi chala gaya

Armyman: Do bar check hota hai ane ki time aur jane ki time.

As I crossed the border I saw all the ryders were busy searching for something. When I asked someone told that Jaggu'da had lost his hotel Keys.
After searching few minutes I found the keys in the middle of the road.

We started our journey again we crossed the hills and reached the plain roads. The scenery was very beautiful.

Cmoi's CBR 250R stopped as Abinash wanted to click some photos for his photographic collection. Even I and Anjuman on my Pulsar180 stopped to enjoy the beauty of Manipur while bikes went ahead.

We starred at the quick changing clouds making various shapes and formation. We could see the Sunset at the horizon beside the hills at the flick of few seconds. We were lost in the beauty of Manipur.

We spent a very pleasent time of 30-40mins. As it dusk neither Day or Night & I dont like riding at that time so I asked Anjum to ride and I will enjoy the beauty of Manipur.

We were moving very fast like last night. I felt as if Utpal was riding. I understood why I feel comfortable with Kunal or Abinash. I feel comfortable with a rider whose body weight is equal or more than me. When a rider whose body is less then me I feel like some young college Kid who just learnt riding is riding my bike & I loose confidence in him.

We entered Imphal in a high speed & in the first check gate the police stopped us.
The policeman started asking for our documents. When we told we are from Assam he asked for the Innerland permit which we dont have.
 The policeman was very angry and he was not in mood to listen to anything.

To be continued...
Living my Dreams

The policeman was very angry as we are touring all over Manipur without any valid permit.
Anjuman tried to bribe him with a 100 rupee note but he was not in mood to listen to anything.

Just then his officer came to us. Cmoi was fully dressed in racing gears. Seeing our safety gears he was very impressed and started asking us.

Officer: App log kaun hai aur kis desh se ayae hain

Anjuman & Cmoi: Hum log Assam se hain. Hamara club ryders@50kmph ke sath Moreh Tour pe

Officer: Yeai sab kya pehna hai aur kaha mita hai

Anjuman & Cmoi: Yeh sab mum logo ke Safety ke liye hai. Online order se mangaya

The officer became very interested in our safety gears. He allowed us to move ahead and said not to worry.
We reached our hotel and saw that all were waiting outside for half an hour. The other ryders couldnt enter the hotel rooms as we have the keys.
We got freshen up and went out for the dinner in dining hall of the hotel. Pranjal'da invited two of his friend to join us.
I remember one of his friend name was Rajiv. We started talking about our club and our tour he said " You guys are doing a good thing by touring our northeast. Such kind of tours make our states closer. We understand each others politically, socially & economically.

After sometime the two invited friends started a friendly debate that being single is better or marriage is better. At first the debate was intersting Anjuman was so interested that he wanted to get married in the very moment but later it turned boring according to me.
The day long journey and the debate made me so tired and bored that I decided to take a Rum Peg which I never tasted. Anjuman gave a small peg and said " Hodai nukhua aru agotu nai khua Chah'or nisina koi disu. "

With the small peg the world started revolving around me.

To be continued...


With the drowsiness of Alcohol I ate the my dinner and went to sleep.
Next morning we decided to return back to Kaziranga. We have to travel two days ride in a single day.

As usual I woke up early and got ready. We decided to do our breakfast in the same south Indian restaurant that was near our hotel.
We noticed that fan the manager went to the kitchen to attend our orders and the restaurant owner sat at the cash counter.
We ate the same Puri Sabji, Halwa and Tea but the bill amount was much bigger than yesterday. We discussed about it and came to a conclusion that actually yesterday we ate in such a way that the hotel staff could not keep record how much food was served. They might have thought " Assam Se Kaha yei Rakshas sab aa gaye".

We all took out our bikes from the parking area to the road and found out that my bike low fuel light was blinking.
Jaggu'da said " Mur Rear View Mirror kunubai Chor korile re"

Even I shouted " Muru Petrol mari dile bey"

to be continued...
Living my Dreams

Jaggu'da Rear view mirror was stolen from parking area and my fuel meter showed low fuel.
When we checked the fuel tank we found there was enough fuel to ride 100km more. So we started our journey back to Kaziranga (Hunor Axom).
It was a lovely morning. We were cruising at a comfortable speed. Mostly one side of the road was hill other side of the road was river. Many times we could see some vehicles procession coming from opposite direction. It was Vijaya Dashami of Durga Puja. Durga Puja was over and devotees were coming to do Visarjan of the Idol in the river banks.
We stopped many two or three times for group photo shoot but without wasting much time we kept riding as we have to cover a long way.
We reached Kohima by 11AM and decided to have lunch at a local rice hotel. I, Jaggu'da and Kunal sat on a table and ordered for Rice and Pork while some others tried Maithoon and beef.
Utpal asked to the waitress "Kutta ka meat milta hain kya"

to be continued...

Living my Dreams

On enquire of Utpal about Dogs meat the waitress answered that its not served in any hotels of Kohima as far as she knows.
The whole restaurant smelled traditional like "Singpho Villa, Margherita" because of the dried bamboo shoot being sold there. Purbi'da and some other ryders bought them to take home.

After the food was served we finished our bowl of pork we ordered for some more. When the waitress served it, seeing the size of bones in the meat Jaggu'da said " Eitu je pork meat nohoi dei, iman dangor haddi kor pora ahil ".
Kunal observed it closely and confirmed that its pork seeing the fatty layer in the meat. Jaggu'da never touched the served bowl.
I ate the big bony pieces saying "hoi hoi pork'ei hoi " though Jaggu'da facial expression says "bro you are not eating pork "
to be continued...
Living my Dreams

With a heavy lunch at Kohima without wasting much time we continued our journey to Kaziranga.
Many times we got stuck in traffic jam due to Vijaya Dashami Rally by various Durga Puja Committees of Kohima. At one place near a bridge I got stuck so badly that other riders went far ahead and I cant see them.

After riding few kms I could see other riders were waiting and resting infront of a old closed hut by the side of the road. I lit a cigaratte and took some rest while others got busy trying the DSLR Camera and doing crazy things.

After 20mins of break we started riding again. As you all know I fell in love with Kohima so I was riding swiftly enjoying the environment. With the disappearing sun it was getting darker and cooler. We stopped in view point, wore the jackets and started riding again.

It was a pleasant ride nothing to worry, just to get lost in nature and talk to your soul.

To be continued...


Living my Dreams

Before reaching the Hornbill welcome gate of Nagaland we heard a typical Nepali song from a trumpet with beat of drums. It was a Vijaya Dashami Durga Visarjan by Assam Rifles.
We stopped to watched the Visarjan. The trumpet played an Assamese Song and a bihu song. We stood on a hanging bridge from where we can see the Army Jawans and some Civilians Dancing.
While we were busy watching the dance below the bridge we suddenly felt the bridge shaking and blast of laughter. Purbi'da and Jaggu'da started dancing with the tune of the trumpet.
Though it was getting darker every minute and we have a long way to go. But we cant stop enjoying the moment.

To be continued...

Living my Dreams

After few minutes of dance and music the Army Gunmen Stood in a row and after the Commanders order they shouted " Durga Maa Ki Jai " and fired an round of bullets from their guns.

This was the first firing of real guns that I say with my naked eyes in my life. The series of firing was going on when Pranjal'da shouted " We are getting late lets go boys ".
We started to ride again and reached Dimapur. It was already dark and we got stucked in a traffic jam. After crossing the jam some local bikers joined us and started riding with us.
After reaching a tinali they waved us bye and giving thumbs up they wished happy journey. After riding few km we realised we are going in a wrong way.
To be continued...

Living my Dreams

We asked in some local pan shop about the right direction and decided to have a tea break.
We stopped in a small tea stall. The owner was a Nepali girl. As it was Bhai Dooj that day so we asked can we have traditional Nepali "Sial roti" with tea. She told she will gladly prepare it but will take more than one hour. So we had Paratha and tea.
It was fully dark and we have to ride more than 100kms to reach Kaziranga. We started riding again and reached Bokajan by 6.00PM. The ryders interchanged among themselves. It was a tiring long day ride. Abhinash was sitting day long as a pillion on Cmoi's CBR 250R. He shouted " somebody please kick my ass. Its a tough job to be a Photographer cum Pilion for day long".
Abhinash started riding and hand over his camera bag to Anjuman. As the chain was not closed the DSLR Camera Dropped in the road and the polarizer lens broke. Though everyone felt sad but Abinash said " Just Chill guys. Tension kio lua, moi online order di ani lom "

We crossed the Nambor jungle, Numiligarh and reached Bokakhat at around 9.30 PM. We decided to party hard and filled our bag with our fav liquor brands in a wine shop and searched for a Dhaba.

Abinash was riding my bike. As we entered the Kaziranga Jungle it started raining. There was not a single place to stop so we decided to keep riding in rain

to be continued...


When we reached back Kaziranga it started raining. We were all wet, after riding few km we got a dhaba. We decided to party & end our tour officially.
It was Vijaya Dashami. As we were eating, some guys entered the hotel fully drunk. They ordered some stuff & shouted "mood ann, mangso ann". We were all cool & ignored them.
They dint like to be ignored so they started hitting the wall of their cabin & breaking the wall. We were all cool & busy in our party.

As we finished our food, drinks etc & went to the pan shop. They came out & said "Ei ronga dress pindha lora kitak disturb nokoribi, dada hoite amar alohi". They asked us about our us & introduced themselves. Their leader was some ..... Gogoi putek.

They realised that we were all Ahoms. Interestingly even we introduced Jaggu'da (Hazarika) & Abhinash Mazumdar as Ahom
They said "Ami Ahom bur enekuai, amar tejote ase.
 Muru bullet ase, eibar moiu jam kunubai kiba kole fali dim.
 Kunubai kiba kole kobo mur power Jorhat'or loike ase."

Oh god I thought all trip was all good but at the end we will finish fighting with locals. But Purbee'da Anjum & Pranjal'da managed everything well. Finally they bid us goodbye
to be continued...

Living my Dreams
 Part-51 (last part)
On 25-10-2012 morning we wokeup with a lazy feeling. We all had breakfast together in Namdang House Resort itself. The tour was already over officially now we have to return back to our respective home. No one wanted to start packing the bags we just chatted and chatted in the lobby. We were planning about our next tour destinations.
It was 11 AM when we started our return journey. Pranjal'da went towards Guwahati and rest we started towards upper Assam.
We coming could see the empty Puja Pandal which means Durga Puja was already over. We were sad that we missed Puja and have to wait for one year to celebrate it but we are happy that we have made such a trip that we will remember whole life. We had our lunch in Neelkanth Dhaba, Janji and reached Moran by 4.30 PM.
As the roads were not good through Dibrugarh we reached Duliajan via Rajgarh. Kunal went to Tinsukia from Moran by bus.
We reached Duliajan by 6PM. I, Abinash and Cmoi stopped in our respective homes while other continued their journey via Dehing Patkai Reserve Forest, Digboi.
Everyone reached their home by 8 PM which we confirmed over phone and their facebook status update.
Thus the Grand Tour was over. We covered a distance more than 2000KM. It was the longest tour in the history of Ryders@50kmph.

~~~The End~~~