Sunday, August 19, 2012

A trip to Digboi, Pengaree, Margherita & Ledo

Its always frustrating to do the same work everyday. So I and some of my friends started to go in a bike ride every weekend, explore some nearby places & enjoy some natural beauty of Northeast India.

On 10 June 2012 we went for a trip to Digboi, Pengaree, Margherita & Ledo of Tinsukia District of Assam.

We started our journey from Duliajan via the Dehing Patkai Reserve Forest and within one hour we reached Digboi.

Digboi is a oil town where crude oil was first discovered by the british. The first oil refinery was set up here.

We visited the

1. Digboi park.
2. Digboi Oil Centenary Museum , Digboi.
3. The World War Cemetery, Digboi.
4. Bapapung

After a tea break at Mualiabari we countinued our journey via The Pengaree Elephant Reserve Forest to Bordhumsa. We were all drenced in rain while we were riding through the forest. When we reached the Singpho Heritage Center, Bordhumsa. We took some rest, clicked some photos & came back.

After reaching Pengaree Bazar we choose a route via Inthem & Ketetong Singpho Village to Margherita.

In the route we came across Singpho Villa Eco Tourist Lodge & A Buddhist Monastery.

After reaching Margherita we went to Dirok Tea Estate Hill where one can have a view of The Buri Dehing River.

To have a view of the coal mines, we went to The Ledo Coal field.

As it was around 4PM so we went to the famous Restaurant Singpho Villa in Margherita to try enjoy some Singpho & Ahom Traditional Boiled & Roasted Cuisine.

In the restaurant we meet some foreign visitors who were travelling in their Royal Enfield Motorcycles.

If you like to taste traditional cuisine do visit this place.

As it was already evening we decided to start our return journey from straight to . While travelling via the in the night was bit scary. We reached by 8PM

Me-Dum-Me-Phi Grouhd,

Me-Dum-Me-Phi Ground, Margherita.

Bapapung, Digboi

Bapapung, Digboi

2nd World War Cemetry, Digboi

Singpo Heritage Center, Bhalukpung

Gate of Singpo Heritage Center, Bhalukpung

Dirok Tea Estate, Magherita

Dirok Tea Estate, Margherita

Amaging View of the Buri Dehing River, Margherita. Assam

                                                       Pengaree Reserve Forest.

Inthem Village.

Ketetong Village.


                              Pictures taken during our biking trip Digboi, Pengaree, Margherita, Ledo in 10 June 2012.  Had a delicious meal of boiled & roasted traditional cuisine at the Singpho Villa Restaurent, Margherita. We also met some foreigner visitor who were travelling throughout Assamin their Royal Enfield Motorcycles. If you like to taste traditional dishes do visit this place.