Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Joypore Rainforest Festival 2017

Joypore Rainforest Festival 2017

The Joypore Rainforest Festival was held at Joypore, Naharkatia at Dibrugarh District of Assam on 30th and 31 of December 2017. 

A glimpse of Joypore Rainforest Festival 2017

The Joypore Rainforest is situated in Dibrugarh and Tinsukia district of Upper Assam and spread across an area of 108 sq. kms and it is also one of the unexplored forests of the region. 

Rainforests have often been called as the “Jewels of the Earth” and the “World’s Largest Pharmacy” as over one quarter of natural medicines have been discovered there. Rainforests are also responsible for 28% of the world’s oxygen turnover and also are a home to a plethora of rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. Jeypore Rainforest is one such blessing to the state of Assam

The festival will focus on Wildlife Tourism and Preservation, Adventure Sports, Music & Art and Food & Culture. 

We Visited Joypore Rainforest Festival on 31 December 2017 with my mom and cousins. It was a very well organized event. There were lots of stalls where various commodities are sold such as traditional dresses, jewellery, books, handicrafts and traditional food items. We witnessed Boat Rides, Hot Air Ballooning, ATV Rides, Paint balling, Para motoring among Adventure sports . Some traditional dance troops and music concerts were also performed. 

By - Madhurjya Protim Rajkonwar, Duliajan.