Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ryders@50kmph Grand Tour to Moreh via Nagaland & Manipur

Ryders@50kmph at NRL Petrol Pump

Hornbill Gate, Nagaland

Ryders at Bokajan

Hotel Ashana, Imphal

Mao Gate


On the way to Moreh

                                                                 On The Way Back to Imphal

                                                                  On the Way Back to Imphal

Kohima, On the Way back to Kaziranga

Arriving at Imphal

On The Way Back to Kaziranga, Imphal-Kohima Road

Hotel Orchid, Kohima

Indo Myanmar Friendship Gate, Moreh

Kohima War Cemetry

Kohima War Cemetry
                                                                 Hotel Orchid, Kohima

On the way back to Kaziranga, Imphal-Kohima Road

A view from my Hotel Room in Kohima

Near Mao Gate Kohima

Khuzama View Point, Kohima

Ryders@50kmph on the way back to Assam

Ryders@50kmph at Namdahg Resort, Kaziranga

Ryders Enjoying Vijaya Dashami at Nagaland

Kauzama View Point, Kohima

Ryders@50kmph at Imphal




  1. Its just amazing...u guys are very lucky.
    u r all doing a good work, u r really living your life...
    keep it up (Y)

  2. Thank you, yes this is the life we always dreamed about. Thats why we call it " Living My Dreams "