Wednesday, January 9, 2013

One Crazy Drive

One Crazy Drive

Some pages of my personal diary about the most Crazy Drive of My Life.

I was 14yrs old when my father passed away. We left our Company Quarter and shifted to our newly built home after my fathers death in the heart of Duliajan town.
After few months when we shifted to our house, one of my cousin brothers marriage was arranged. We came to know that everyone is going in their own cars. One of my uncle brought a new Maruti Zen while other brought a Fiat. Me and my cousin brother whose house is near us had no car. We talked " Abey sobey nijor gaddi loi jabo, ami ki dorar logot busot jam niki ".

We thought over the matter & decided to repair our old Ambassador which was lying in an Garage after painting after my father passed away. Its body was newly painted but all parts were dismentaled & removed for painting and never fitted back.
The garage owner told that the painting price was already paid by my father we have to fit it and take it home. It would cost around Rs15000.
My mom agree to pay us around Rs5000 for the car. So we decided to repair the car outside the garage where the mechanics agreed to repair for some extra money after working hours. We paid Rs200 & a bottle of wine requested the head mechanic to fire up the engine which was lying unused for more than 8 months "Dada jene tene Start kori diok besi poisa nai".
The garage helpers agreed to do the needfull fittings of parts if we pay little money & take them with us to the marriage party. They said "Gaddi free ke bonai dim, dorar logot nibo lagibo". So we agreed and brought the required parts for Rs2000.
The day before the marriage our car got ready ride but since the car was lying unused for many months so it started over heating moreover its tyres were worn out. Everyone including the head mechanic said we cant take the car to Moran which is far away "Eikhon loi rati Moran ketiau Jabo nuara" .

We all became sad including the helper mechanics who worked so hard for seven days extra time to repair our car for the marriage.
We all discussed
me: ki koribi bhai gaddi nibo nuarim koise

helpers: Hmmm koise, kintu amar mote eku nohoi nile

me: Rastat beya hole ki koribi, bonai anibo paribi ? Kuneu help nokore. Gaddi eri ahibo nuaribi kintu

helpers: Ami thakile ki sinta. Rastate gaddi khuli bonai dim. Sob tools loi jam

me: tetia hole Lets Go, okol gaddi val ke ghar ahi pabo lagibo.

So we decided to take all the tools of the garage for the night which can repair the entire vehicle from head to toe. As our tyres were worn out so we opened the good tyres of the Cars in the garage which were kept for repairing. We took three extra spare tyre & a battery. As our car doesnt have a music system so we fit a home Stereo Player with big sound box. We were all ready for marriage.
In the day of the marriage we were all ready. Me & my cousin, Two Mechanics, one Driver and a helper. When we reached the marriage hall every car owner asked us to keep an eye on their car coz we had mechanics & tools. We started our journey and reached the brides house (Moran) as the second car after the grooms car in the rally of around fifteen cars.
When we started the return journey to Duliajan our cars engine started giving foul smell. It was the burning of clutch plate. The engine began misfiring, my cousin said dude we were in trouble.

It was 2AM of the night, we stopped near the roadside Dhaba and our relatives passing by said " Nanibo koisilu nohoi, nuhulili nohoi ". The mechanics did the curberator wash & some engine tuning. The car became fit again. We reached back home safely with the other cars along with the bridegroom.
This was the most memorable car ride I did in my entire life. We took the risk & completed the trip successfully at that young age. Moreover the mechanics & helper we helped me to repair my dads car are now no more. Two of them died in a young age due to some disease.
I still remember them & feel nostalgic about the trip. It was the most crazy drive of my life.
- Madhurjya Bindass Axomia.