Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Flashback of a Motomaniac

Flashback of a Motomaniac

Since childhood I always have an attraction towards bikes & cars. From mechanical toy cars to remote controlled toy car in my childhood, I had it all in my collection.

My mother sold our car after my fathers death as she thought "eitu Driver he bonibo" I would become a Taxi Driver as I use to give our Car in Rent & became quite popular as a Youngest Taxi Owner in the locality at age of 14.

My favourate TV shows were always from Discovery Channel, Travel & Living and Fox Traveller where something related to Travelling & automobile were shown.

Ever since I watched the mother like Torque, The Fast & Furious Series, Wild Hogs, Motorcycle Diary & Tokyo Drift. I use to wounder how amazing life do the people enjoy in Western Countries or Japan. I use to curse myself why I was born in India.

Since I used to start using the social networking site Orkut, buy some automobile magazine & watch automobile related shows in News Channel where they use to give advice upon Car & Bikes. I came to know about GODS ( Group of Delhi Super bikers ) a bike group who own Super bikes. Wow biking community exist in India. Slowly I came to know about more group but they were all from Banglore, Delhi, Chandigarh, Mumbai etc etc.

When I was studying in College in 2004 my mom gifted me a YAMAHA to go to college & for other household activities. In 2005 when I shifted to Dibrugarh for my Graduation it the the time of DHOOM fever. My cousin bought a KARZIMA which was the first Premium Sports Bike in India at that time.

A lightning fast speed of 140Kmph by the 225CC engine & the Dhoom Song in our mind. Its was our pride, oh what a life. The people the street use to say " Oi kot Jui numuabo jao, ei kita enekoi moribo etc, etc ".

Then came the MTV ROADIES which changed my mind from racing to touring. Some of our friends bought more Karizma's & CBZs. When we rode in a formation infront of schools we use to like to heard the comment from the kids "WOW ROADIES".

From 2009 when I started using Facebook I came to know about NEMA ( Northeast Motorsposts Association ) who organise Car Rally to promote Motorsports in Northeast India. It was a sign that even in Assam people are taking Motoring as hobby more than a means of Transportation.

In 2011 my friend Abinash uploaded some photos of his motorcycle tour to Meghalaya. The photos were really amazing like some foreign land. Later I saw their video in Prime News TV & realised that some Axomias started Re-Exploring the Northeast India in their motorcycle.

The name of the club was "Ryders@50kmph "

- Madhurjya Bindass Axomia.