Monday, November 4, 2013

Duliajan - Sivasagar - Kaziranga ( Maha Roadtrip 2013 )

Bikers Of Assam Maha Roadtrip 2013

Life turns boring to do the same work repeatedly like a machine. Our biker group was formed to add some adventure in our life. We meet up once in a month and go to some unexplored destination. Most of our ride were one or two days ride. Since most of our members were either student or newly appointed employee therefore we dint get long leaves.

Whenever we meet up in our rides or in social networking sites we use to discuss about a grand tour.

A grand tour requires lots of planning physically, mentally and economically. We were planning for the Roadtrip since our first roadtrip to Lake of No Return, Myanmar.

The date was almost fixed since Durga Puja holidays was most suitable time for most of us but the destination was not fixed. We discussed about the destination in every roadtrip and G2G. Everyone came with different ideas finally we decided to merge the different destination in a single roadtrip and named it as " Bikers Of Assam Maha Roadtrip 2013 "

The complete circuit of the roadtrip comprises of all the important historical monuments of Assam & Arunachal Pradesh.

Day 1

On 11th Oct 2013 it was Saptami of Durga Puja. After offering my prayers to Goddess Durga at our nearest puja mandar. I started the tour from Duliajan on 9AM. Two of my friends Abhijit & Bijoy came to pick me up from Digboi. Bijoy had decided to ride single in his Pulsar180 and complete the whole trip while Abhijit will return from Sivasagar. He is not participating in the whole event as he had some official work and even he didnt get his leave. He came to cheer us.


We reached Naharkatia on 9.30AM where Santanu was waiting with our new member Arnab and Anshu. They have debited to complete the whole tour in their Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0. I will ride with Santanu in his Pulsar 220.

At around 11AM we reached Moran where we met Bhargav & Mrinmoy on their Avenger 220. We decided to visit the first and most important historical place of Assam " Sivasagar ".

We visited the Ranghar Pavilion, Sivasagar, Assam

The Rang Ghar is a two-storied building which once served as the royal sports- pavilion where Ahom kings and nobles were spectators at buffalo fights and other games at Rupahi Pathar particularly during the Rangali Bihu festival in the Ahom Capital of Rangpur.

Then we visited the Talatal Ghar. The Talatal ghar is the largest monument of Ahom Architecture. The place which was built as a military base during Ahom Rule. It had two secret tunnels and three flours building below the ground which was used as exit routes during Ahom Wars.


It was around 1AM when we bid goodbye to Abhijit at Talatal Ghar. He came back and we continued our journey. We had our lunch at Hotel Nilkantha, Janji and reached Jorhat Bye Pass by 2.30PM where we met Madhurjya CH with his friends. Madhurjya CH had done two most memorable journey with us in his Honda CBR. He came to Cheer Us.

We reached Dergaon, it was getting darker and we stopped for a Tea Break in a stall which is owned to some relatives of Bijoy. Though they asked us to halt for a night we decided to keep riding. We crossed Kohora and Bagori Range of Kaziranga National Park and reached Burapahar as it was already 8.30PM we decided to halt in a resort called Wild Reach Eco Resort, Kaziranga

We had our dinner and our bikers went to their respective rooms. It was about 12 O'clock midnight. We recieved a call from Jayanta who was coming with Om Prakash and crossed Kohora Range. The started there journey lately from Tinsukia as they had some official work.

I and Arnab decided to wait by the side of the gate to receive Jayanta. We were sitting in a hill by the side of the highway. It was dark as the lights went off.

Suddenly Arnab shouted: Aaah kiba kamurile

me: hap sap hoi niki

arnab: nohoi, mejali porua niki

We heard some sound and someone was checking with a search light. I asked : Kun hoi

He replied: Sir moi Pyarelal, night guard.

Me: Night guard, rati kiba ulai niki

Guard: Nai dada kali nai ulua

Me: Kali nai ulua mane

Guard: Purohi he ulaisil hati

Me: Purhohi ??

Guard: Ei tinta rasta di hati Jungle par kore ( he showed three elephant corridor from where elephant crosses the Jungle )

Arnab: Light to de sun, rasta tu sai lou. Hati ulale polabo lagibo

Thankfully nothing happened. Jayanta and Prakash reached the Resort by 12.30AM. The already had their dinner on their way.

The first day of our trip was over. We all we very tired and slept as soon as we went to our bed.