Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Naharlagun - Itanagar - Ziro ( Maha Roadtrip 2013 )

Bikers Of Assam Maha Roadtrip 2013

13th October 2013

On 3rd Day of our tour I got up early and had bath. Jayanta called up his friend who arranged the hotel and invited him to our room. He reached the hotel at 7AM. We chatted for few mins. He told that the Ita Fort of Itanagar is not maintained well and visitors rarely visits there. 


Itanagar derives its name from the Ita fort. Ita Fort means Fort of Bricks. Which is an important historical monuments of Ahom Reign. 

We started our Journey at 8.30AM to Itanagar. Today two of our bikes were found with punctured tyre. We repaired the Tyre in nearest shop and fill petrol in NRL Naharlung. The fuel cost was low Rs71 per litre and had better pickup in comparison to what we fill in Assam.

The Road to Itanagar was superb, we were enjoying every curves of the road. When we reached Ita Fort we found it closed for some renovation work as told by shop keepers near the gate. 

We returned to Naharlung and had our breakfast with delicious Parathas and Tea. We started our Journey to Ziro, Arunachal. 

We crossed Bandardewa and reached Pohumara, Assam. 

When we were resting by the side of the road a biker riding an Avenger with a lady Pillion came to us and said " Tumaluk Bikers Of Assam niki ". 
We: Hoi 
Biker: Moi page khon sau 

He wished Happy Journey to us and moved away. We also started our journey. We reached Kimin Gate, Arunachal. The roads, trees and landscape totally changed compared to Assam. We crossed Hawa Camp at around 1.30PM. 

The road condition was terrible but the landscape were beautiful. The young bikers was having a tough ride especialy the Pillon Anshuman of Yamaha YZF R15 V2.0. 
It was around 4PM. We were tired. Everyone kept on repeating " Ke#a iman beya rasta aru 100KM kiman deri je lagibo " or " Plain rasta 200-300km matlbei nai, atia he gom paisu 1km kiman dighol " 

We just tried to boost each other that Struggling for every single kilometer will turns Into a memorable experience after reaching The destination just like the Crazy Parashuram Kund Trip 

We were riding for last few hours in rough hilly roads and three hrs more to go. We were Tired, We were Hungry, We need some Coffee, We reached Potin Tinali. Potin is a Village in Yazali Tehsil in Lower Subansiri District of Arunachal Pradesh. 

We had some refreshment. There were some Arunachali boys and girls in the stall. It seems that they are also going to Ziro. They asked : Kot jabo Me: Ziro They: Sweater & Jacket anise nai, Ziro Tanda ase. Me: Ase bag'ot They: Thik ase jabo, ami vi goi ase 

We rode few Kms and it got dark. We wore our Jackets and started riding. Now the roads was comparatively better. I was leading with the Pulsar 220. I was enjoying every bend of the curvy road. 

It was cold & dark when we entered Hapoli, Ziro nearly 80% shops were closed. It was only 7PM. 

We checked some Hotels but found all booked. We were tired & hungry because of the whole day ride in bad roads. 

Alast we found a lodge with two rooms but it was not sufficient to accommodate all of us. Later we found a Hotel with big rooms and big beds so we decided to shift the hotel after having our dinner. We parked our bikes in the hotel parking area. 

We had our dinner and check in the Hotel. We cleaned ourselves and were inside our cozy blankets. Suddenly we heard knock in the door. 

I answered: Kun hoi but I got no reply. Again someone knocked at the door. 
I answered: Kaun hain knocker: Darwaja khol fir pata chalega kaun hain 
I answered: Kya hain bey knocker: Bike hata do, kaha lagaya hain 
I replied: Thik hai, ek minute 

I asked my friends to park the bikes together in some safe place.

It was cold and we were tired. We slept peacefully. Our third day of our tour came to an end.