Wednesday, November 27, 2013

North Lakhimpur - Majuli ( Maha Roadtrip 2013 )

Bikers of Assam Maha Roadtrip 2013

North Lakhimpur - Majuli

15th Oct 2013

On 5th day of our trip I woke up and found there is a long line up for the bathroom. I checked my mobile and updated the status that we are in NLP & will ride to Duliajan via Majuli. One of my online friend Vishal Khanikar asked about our location.

It was already 9AM, we had the breakfast at Punjab Hotel. we had a long route to cover, so we left the hotel. We asked some locals about the route to Majuli.

The ferry ghat was about 19km away. The first few km of the road was ok but when we came near the ghat we could feel the damaged caused by water during flood. When reached Dhofola Ghat I recieved a phone call from Vishal he said he came to the Hotel and returned back as we already left.

We reached the Ghat. The heat of the sun and sand made us very thirsty. When I checked my bottle it was empty, someone already drunked it. There was a shop but they only keep pan and cigaratte. There was nothing to drink except water collected directly from the river without filtering. I drank the water, it was cool but not so clean.

We took a ferry ride and reached the other side. But we came to know the other side was not Majuli we had to ride 9KM and reach Luhit Ghat where we have to take a boat ride again.

We were riding in an Island. There were no proper road we had to ride through sand, grassland, marshy land etc. Somewhere we could see buffalo grazing near us.

Me: Ejak boroxun dile ekhon bill hoi jabo, eman ukho ukho kohua aru tolot metaka

Santanu: Koloi je ahisu, rasta thik ase tu

Me: Onroading, Offroading, Pahar roading, Bali roading, Meteka roding sob kori lo

Santanu: Maha Roadtrip tu

We reached the Ghat it was a small river compared to the first. There was no ferry but Three small boats tied together. It was big enough to carry a car. We took the boat and reached the other side.

While crossing The Lohit Ghat to Majuli we met a biker Krishna Medhi from Garmurh, Majuli.

Me: Apuni Garmur'or niki, moiu Garmur Satrar hisho

Krishna: Boulok Satra Sai jabo

Me: Gole deri hobo niki, ami ghui jam bhabisu

Krishna: Last ferry gole Satra sai jabo paribo, Iman dur ahise sai jauk

me: ferry nepalu

Krishna: Nepale thokar bibostha kori dim

We went to Garmurh satra and expressed our wish to visit the different satra of Majuli. He agreed to be our guide. He arranged Guest House of Sri Sri Garmurh Satra to stay and arranged fooding in his restaurant which remain 24hrs open in front of Civil Hospital, Majuli.

We got freshen up in the Guest House and had our lunch in his hotel. Then he took us to Sri Sri Dakshin Pat Satra. It was already dark. We kept our shoes in the gate and entered the Satra. I lit the Agarbatis and the earth lamps. The Mandir Doors was closed but there were some young kids practicing Dihanaam. The environment was very pleasent and peacefull.

When we asked the priest told that the Satradhikar was in his room and we could meet him. We went to him and took his blessings. He was very happy to know that we are from different places and ride together. He encouraged us to keep riding together and promote brotherhood in the society. He invited us to the Raas Festival of Majuli again.

The priest served us tea and showed the satra. Then we rode to Sri Sri Auantai Satra. It was a 8.30PM and the satra was already closed. There was no electricity because of Power Cut. We returned to the Garmurh

There was a Play ( Bhauna ) staged in Garmurh Tinali organised by the local businessman in occasion of Sri Sri Srimanta Sankardev Birth Anniversary but we were too tired and decided to sleep in the Guest House after having dinner in Krishna's Hotel.